The Enigma TV Box will turn your TV into a super intelligent beast, and enable you to watch what you want, when you want.

Who's a clever box then?

Watch TV

Watch all the regular freeview UK TV channels without the need for a satellite dish or cable TV subscription.

You can also view TV channels from around the world.



Browse The Web

Browsing the web on your TV is easy with the Enigma TV Box. It's just like a mini computer.

You can shop online, or catch up with your favourite online newspapers and magazines.

Take part in online courses and become a master at your chosen subject.



Enigma TV Box will allow you to now stream movies from paid and free sources directly to your TV

TV Shows

Stream your favourite TV shows from either paid or free sources directly to your TV at a time that suits you


Social Media

Keep up with Facebook, Instagram and all social media sites directly on your TV.


Watch thousands of YouTube videos directly on your TV. Your family will be oh so happy!!


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James London

I bought this mainly because I was sick to death of rising satellite tv prices. FANTASTIC. 

Kerry Essex

I love this little box. It does a lot more than I would have thought possible. Such a great buy.

Stephen Birmingham

This thing does the lot. Priceless.

Claris Brighton

No matter what I think of, this box can do it. I cannot believe that something as great as this costs just peanuts.

Richard Herts

I needed something cheap so I could play netflix. But this does so much more. Brilliant buy.

Blue London

You got to get one of these. Seriously

Sarah Kent

The enigma box is something to wonder at quite honestly. I've never watched so much good stuff before.

Joanne Paris

I've had mine a while now and it has never, ever let me down. When the bf hogs the laptop I have this all to myself lolol