Apps Magic

Using apps, from the playstore the Enigma TV Box allows you to view the most addictive movies and TV shows. Apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and of course Youtube have huge catalogues of hit movies and TV shows.  

You'll also be able to keep up with your favourite shows, news and sport using the TV app. The youtube app will provide hours of fun stuff  for kids and adults alike. There's educational programming, music concerts, and hundreds of thousands of free tutorials on almost every topic imaginable. It’s hard to believe so much great content can fit into such a tiny package.

TV Shows 

There are thousands of TV show box sets available right now. You will be hard pushed to pick something to watch due to the vast choice. Watching TV has never been as good as this before. 


The Enigma TV Box allows you to access thousands of movies from both paid for and free sources, in HD. For example, if you decide to take a Netflix subscription, you can watch full movies in glorious HD without  ever leaving your armchair. If you prefer, you can download one of the many apps in the playstore and still stream the latest movies.

It doesn't get better than this